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Tilbury Green Power: Biomass and Energy from Waste Fuelled Generation Station at Tilbury Docks, Essex
Section 36C Application July 2020

Summary of the Application

The S36C Application requests the Secretary of State to vary the existing Consent and the Section 90 Direction. The changes sought to the Consent are (i) revised Section 36 Red-line Boundary and (ii) rewording of deemed Planning Condition 56 which restricts the quantity of waste material delivered to the facility by road.

Proposed amendment to the Section 36 Red-line Boundary

It is proposed to amend the red-line boundary shown in Figure 1.2 in the relevant S36 consent to exclude part of the Port of Tilbury land and jetty infrastructure. The proposed changes are shown in Figure 1.2A included in Appendix 1 of the Supporting Information document.
Paragraph 1 of the Section 36 Consent would be amended as shown in the proposed amendments to the Section 36 Consent included in Appendix 3 of the Supporting Information document. The areas to be removed are no longer under the TGP lease and will be incorporated in due course into ongoing port operations.

Proposed amendment to Condition 56 of the Section 90 deemed planning permission

It is proposed to amend Condition 56 in the deemed planning permission to remove the restriction limiting the transport of waste by road and instead require a review of transport modes used to deliver waste material to Phase 2 of the Development, including examination of such cost-effective measures as may exist to minimise the impact of waste transport by road.

Application Documents

This website provides an electronic version of the documents submitted to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as part of a Planning Consent Variation Application under Section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989.

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